But afta di graduation, comes the noose roun yuh neck call tuition...fee. And even with di piece a paypa, yuh prospect nuh get greata. Its a great frustrata. Fi di competent who nuh have di paypas, Yet...  O’Neil Richards - Graduation Gown O'Neil 'Dippozit' Richards is a musical talent like none you've heard in a long time, if ever. His music is described as thought-provoking and for varied reasons. An artist that speaks as he's inspired and not based on the slang of the moment.

The KING SIZE DUB Special is the essence of what NOISESHAPER has ever done and is another impressive display of how a musical style has progressed.

The Senior Allstars prove with this release that basically all music can be 'dub-ified', and when coupled to a brilliant vocalist like Ammoye the results add to the legacy of the original versions.