Cedric Myton | "Rat Trap"

Cedric Myton | "Rat Trap"
The Congos Master is calling

Iconic figures of the Reggae & Dub scene converge on this epic album, the first ever full solo album by Reggae legend Cedric 'Congo' Myton, mixed and mastered by Scientist, featuring Omar Perry, Davanna Sweet, and Jamaican dub poet Kanda.

For those of you who remember the Blood & Fire rework of the Congos masterpiece 'Heart of The Congos' that swept the music scene in the late 90s, compared to that masterpiece, full of Biblical references and mystique, "Rat Trap" is more worldly oriented but no less spiritual.

"Heart of The Congos" came seemingly out of nowhere and hit the world with 'message' and music. This new album comes from the same source, with the same vigor of the massive deep bass sound and deeply felt, conscious lyrics. What the world needs. The truth.

Concerning harmonies and backing vocals, we’ve got The Original Congos on three of the tracks (New Day, Music is the Remedy & Trumpet Sound). Backing vocals for all other tracks done by Monique 'Harmonique' Smith, a Jamaican artist.

Of special note is that every track you hear is balanced at 432HZ. These curative frequencies will provide a full well-being uplifting experience so that the journey goes further than just simply listening to music.

The icon of Dub, none other than Scientist took care of mixdown and mastering, and he also mashed up all eleven tracks by dubbing them on the forthcoming "In a Dub Trap".

'Rat Trap': Babylon has prepared and sprung a death trap for some, a booby trap for others, but no more than a mouse trap for those who remain in Jah Light. Jah Bless!



  • Lyrics : Cedric Myton
  • Music : Official Staff Backing
  • Vocals : Monique Smith
  • Editor : BoomBass
  • Mix & Mastering : The Scientist
  • Directed by : DubSchool
  • Label : Official Staff Productions
  • Promotion : Matt Sound
  • Distribution : Baco Distribution


The Congos | Heart of the Congos (original)

The Congos | Heart of the Congos (original)
Cedric Myton ©Vincent Danin

Cedric Myton ©Vincent Danin

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