Noiseshaper | "King Size Dub Special"

Noiseshaper | "King Size Dub Special" | UbuntuFM Reggae Radio
'housey' downbeats with a fat reggae flavour
The KING SIZE DUB Special is the essence of what NOISESHAPER has ever done and is another impressive display of how a musical style has progressed.

The sound company operating under the project name “Noiseshaper“ received great acclaim for their first albums, which were released on the legendary and infamous Rockers Hifi label Different Drummer. They later became celebrated for their musical contribution to the US television series CSI: Miami.

The Viennese coffee table boys Axel Hirn und Florian Fleischmann achieved cult status with their 12-inch single “The Only Redeemer“, which was later released in the US by Quango (Island Records /Palm Pictures) and fast became a permanent fixture on the playlists of the best and most popular DJs in Berlin, Vienna, Tokyo, Paris, London, and New York. 

Noiseshaper’s sound has been defined as "a distilled and condensed and utterly distinctive blend of housey downbeats with a fat reggae flavor, which has brought the Noiseshapers international acclaim and popularity. 


'Commercial' has been a dirty word in Reggae from the very outset. 'commercial locks' equaled to 'hypocrites', to 'Babylon', in short, everything not-representing Rastafarian beliefs, which are at the root of Reggae (and Dub). Bob Marley was commercial, though. He at least gradually attained that status during his career, as he gathered a following in the millions of people worldwide, as his musical message influences and affects people up to this day. Not a year goes by in which his work is not re-released in one shape or form. So Jesus Christ was commercial too then? 

Noiseshaper has released an album that can be described as 'commercial' because it has been crafted in such a manner that it will appeal to a large audience. It relies heavily on the Dub legacy, not only in terms of music but also the imagery, album cover, even the album title ring back to Dub of days gone by. 

It's rough of out there, tough of out there... we need to open up once more and explore... I beg you, journey with me... - Noiseshaper (Rough Out There)

It's the lyrical content that reveals Noiseshaper's pedigree, and that determines their commercialism. They clearly display their ability, talent, skill to fuse together many popular styles into one coherent production, that is very accessible and should have appeal to a wide variety of people coming from very different musical directions.

This is what in fact made us decide to feature the album on our Reggae, Hip-Hop, and Dance radio channels at the same time, with only a slight difference in focus tracks. Because to us, this album is the real deal, genuine and sincere, whilst being at the same time very commercial.

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