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Soul From Dubdown (Darker Than Blue)

The Senior Allstars prove with this release that basically all music can be 'dub-ified', and when coupled to a brilliant vocalist like Ammoye the results add to the legacy of the original versions. 

In 2014, The Senior Allstars were inspired by the brilliant release DARKER THAN BLUE – Soul From Jamdown (1973-1980) released by Blood & Fire Records in 2001 and felt compelled to perform this beautiful gem in a dub version. This dub remake resulted in the release of Dub from Jamdown - Darker Than Blue Conducted By The Senior Allstars in 2015.

The results were more than breath-taking; the songs drip from the speaker membranes like honey, bringing in the sun, warmth, and happiness; very much in keeping with the original songs - although the lyrics may have been written with other things in mind. The dub remake presented by The Senior Allstars breaks all previous dimensions and conventions set by the history and spirit of this legendary album. The quartet created an original, collective, improvised, and organic live dub that is in the tradition of the original songs and with new versions that fully deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as the originals.

This album could well become a trendsetter: #DubSoul.

2019, the next step to break the peak and quality of the existing album – was making it into a VOCAL album and call it SOUL FROM DUBDOWN – DARKER THAN BLUE. Jamaican-born and Toronto-raised Ammoye were tasked with vocalizing the dub version. In doing so a third iteration of the original Soul Classics was established that may well surpass all the previous ones. Not that the Allstars had this in mind, that would be totally au contraire to the spirit of Reggae, but it just happens to be so, at least according to our humble opinion. 

Ammoye voice is so well suited to this particular style of soulful Reggae.

Because of Ammoye's vocal qualities, excellent recording, and mix, this album feels like an original. It's like a time capsule was opened and this hidden gem was found, dusted off, and polished up to today's audio standards. It's like conservators of a museum painstakingly restored a recently discovered painting by Van Gogh.

This album is as vivid in its coloration as are Van Gogh's paintings.

Another point we like to make is the educational value of this album. What better introduction to a younger generation that wants to explore the roots of both Soul and Reggae/Dub music, and the contributions of people who are darker than blue to music and humanity as a whole. Very wholesome!



  1. Get Ready   4:20  Written by Smokey Robinson. Published by Jobete.
  2. Slipping Into Darkness 5:54 Written by Dickerson/Miller/Allen. Published by Universal Music.
  3. Mango Walk  3:57  Written by Wilson/Wilson/Wilson. Published by Warner Chappel.
  4. Collie Stuff 3:34 Written Bell/Bell/ Brown/Mickens/ Smith/ Thomas/ Westfield. Published by EMI
  5. Why Can´t We Live Together 4:06  Written by Timmy Thomas. Published by Peermusic.
  6. Ain´t No Love In The Heart Of The City  5:31  Written by Price/Walsh. Published by Universal/MCA
  7. Baltimore  4:07  Written by Randy Newman. Published by Warner Chappel.
  8. Ain´t No Sunshine  5:08  Written by Bill Withers. Published by EMI Music Publ.
  9. Why Can´t We Live Together (Radio Edit)  3:13  Written by Timmy Thomas. Published by Peermusic.
  10. Why Can´t We Live Together (Vocal Dub Edit)  4:09  Written by Timmy Thomas. Published by Peermusic
  11. Baltimore (Vocal Dub Edit)  4:07  Written by Randy Newman. Published by Warner Chappel.

Released on Echo Beach records EB137, July 2019. ISRC - DEH261913701


  • AMMOYE – Vocals
  • Markus Dassmann – Gitarre, Rhodes Electric Piano, Melodica, Dub FX

  • Arne Piri – Orgel, Clavinet E7, Dub FX

  • Gudze – Bass

  • Thomas Hoppe – Schlagzeug, Percussion, Dub FX
  • Produced by Markus Dassmann

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