Lucky Dube | Affirmative action

A signature song
Affirmative action is no solution to solve inequality amongst people, whether it be between cultures, races or sexes. Education is. Primarily education about life, as Lucky Dube vocalizes it so eloquently in his signature song 'Affirmative Action'

And there'll be no place for people like you Georgie, who still live in the past. - Lucky Dube

When you couldn't do things for yourself, you blamed it on apartheid.
You blamed it on the government and everybody. Now is the time to prove yourself.
If you think affirmative action is the way out... no way... no way.

Constitutions can be changed from time to time.
But that does not mean that You don't need any education.
We are tired of people who think that affirmative action is the way out, 
and, is another way of putting puppets Where they don't belong

I'm so sorry Georgie, but the only way to get our economy strong is to have an educated nation
And if you think affirmative action Is the way out... no way... no way.
Education is still the key!

Even though we have...

Affirmative Action.

(Lucky Dube, 'Affirmative Action' song lyrics, from the album 'Trinity')

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