Protoje - "30 Million"

Protoje - "30 Million"
A million isn't what it used to be

Protoje's "30 Million" is a powerful modern Roots Reggae track that not only speaks to the state of affairs in his homeland of Jamaica but resonates with many other countries as well. This song truly captures the essence of the genre and showcases Protoje's immense talent as an artist. 

"30 Million" is a testament to Protoje's ability to create impactful music that transcends borders and brings important social issues to light.

A million is not a what it used to be 
Farming use to power communities 
A degree used to mean opportunity 
Only thing man a read now a eulogy
Funeral parlor say business is booming 
School dem get empty so prison is looming 
Molly consuming, dolly dem grooming

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