O.M.N.I "Harry’s Psychedelicatessen"

O.M.N.I "Harry’s Psychedelicatessen"
Rare and authentic

"Harry’s Psychedelicatessen" is the first chapter of an intergalactic, funky, sci-fi adventure saga written by Zachary Spiezer that comprises in total six chapters, each of them accompanied by a soundtrack. O.M.N.I are a three-man project hailing from San Antonio, TX, USA. 

Whereas the initial idea was to do a soundtrack in the style of the Soul and Funk music in Guy Ritchie movies, the first chapter's soundscape is firmly rooted in Reggae, Dub and Electronic music, producing an amazingly fresh and original collection of tracks and interludes that set the mood to the first chapter of the saga.

Regardless of whether you're a sci-fi enthusiast or not, the musical quality of the dubs on this soundtrack is of the highest level in terms of delivery and originality. 

O.M.N.I. have taken the (lost) form of conceptual art to the next level. This soundtrack is a true gem that deserves all the recognition it can muster for those seeking a truly unique and captivating musical experience.

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