Perkostylz' "Africa" is a prayer to the most high Jah about the way we live our lives. As if there are different Almighties for Africans and Europeans, yet, He is the only one. We are praying to the same God yet we Africans seem to be the forgotten ones.

There are endless wars, hunger and famine in Africa; Black people are being sold in Libya; There is war in Somalia and DR Congo. South Africa suffers from xenophobia against fellow black brothers and sisters. Therefore we pray. A strong musical statement by Perkostylz. 

Lyrics: Peckens Mugwenhe
Music: Zanzibar Riddim by Jugglerz

One of Lucky Dube's signature songs from the album "Trinity" (1995)            

From where I stand, I can see the World getting smaller and smaller...

And there'll be no place for people like you Georgie, who still live in the past.

UbuntuFM's King Vusi Mavuthela talked to Saggy Saggila, the stage name of the legendary musician, songwriter and producer of note, Richard Siluma, cousin to legend Lucky Dube.

Richard was born in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. When growing up, he was influenced by his father Aphius Siluma who was singing Imbube music.