Great new tracks from Jamaican Reggae artist DVoyce.

The EP features 7 tracks and is titled “The Beginning”. The EP may well be DVoyce’s first production, he’s no beginner for sure. 

Musically the tracks on “The Beginning” are within what one has come to expect from contemporary Jamaican Reggae, in terms of production value and artistry. 

Living Legend Jimmy Cliff...  (natus est April 1, 1948) still performing live at venues around the world...

This clip features a mix of the classic 'Bongo Man' track (Jimmy Cliff, Give Thankx, LP, 1978) with another Reggae classic, 'Rivers of Babylon', originating from The Melodians in 1970 and made popular by Boney M in a Disco cover.

We can see Jimmy and the band performing the song as a Nyabinghi chant, which carries a lot of spiritual meaning...

From Jimmy Cliff album "Breakout" (1992)

They gave us history, but what about the true story?

Hiding our heritage, to keep us into bondage.

They stole our culture, to say we got no future,
Destroyed our tradition, to keep us into subjection.