Dubmatix | ReWired.

Dubmatix | ReWired

ReWired continues the experimentation and musical development that is part of the natural progression but it also remains firmly rooted in the foundation of what has become the “Dubmatix” sound, horns, harmonies, heavy bass-lines, and fusion of genres, from dub to steppers, trip-hop to funk and beyond.

When you look at the last several Dubmatix albums, Renegade Rocker, System Shakedown & Rebel Massive, ReWired continues the tradition of fusing, mashing, and blending styles into something uniquely Dubmatix.

Truth be told, this new Dubmatix release doesn’t have the yaw-dropping effect on me as when Dubmatix met Sly and Robbie. Are you ready? Holy s-it! That opening track grabbed me by the proverbial balls unlike few releases do these days. No, this release is much more measured. Balanced?

To my ears Dubmatix is carefully treading the waters between Reggae and Hip-Hop, two of music’s main musical genres that have much more in common than fanboys on either side of the spectrum dare to admit. Dubmatix does. He proves it on this release, by re-wiring the common ground of Reggae and Hip-Hop in a very intricate manner, never leaning too heavy on either side, but clearly staying on the Dubmatix’ side of things.

This release fits very well in the natural progression of Dubmatix’ body of work. A must for Dubmatix’ aficionados and highly recommended for those who like venture out beyond the well-trodden waters of the mainstream.



  1. Ask Me (ft Lone Ranger)
  2. Rub A Dub (ft Sr Wilson)
  3. High Life (ft Exile Di Brave & Kazam Davis)
  4. Champion (ft Joe Publik)
  5. Crazy Days (ft The Hempolics)
  6. Love (ft Lasai)
  7. Dread (ft Ras Kayleb)
  8. Salute (ft JMan)
  9. Reign Over Me (ft Duane Stephenson)
  10. Black & Blue (ft Rootwords)
  11. Blue Monday (ft Barry Ashworth)

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