Ancient Astronauts | "Kampala Fire"

Ancient Astronauts | "Kampala Fire"
Blazing ahead out of the African Odyssey

Few releases coming out of Africa this year promise as much as the ZIK ZAK album from ANCIENT ASTRONAUTS, featuring underground artists from all sides of the continent, coupled with world-class production from the veteran German producers. 

Blazing ahead of this African Odyssey comes the KAMPALA FIRE EP, showcasing a selection of strictly Ugandan tracks from the album: Roots Reggae, Dancehall and Hip Hop from one of the most energetic and original music scenes on the continent.

DJ and production duo Ancient Astronauts have come together with a variety of rising African musicians to create the groundbreaking Afro-European Kampala Fire EP. The EP heralds the approach of their upcoming album, ZIK ZAK. On the EP is the stellar track, ‘Do It To The Beat feat. Blessed San’. Along with Blessed San, listeners can expect to hear other underground Ugandan artists C Wyne Nalukalala, Spyda MC, Bani Fyah, and Nilotika Cultural Ensemble. 

Featuring a mesmerizing mix of Luganda and English, Kampala Fire takes listeners on a journey of rhythmic discovery as they transverse the planes of Uganda. Dancing between rebel salutes to the youth calls to authenticity and reference to an ancient East African warrior queen, Nyabingi, Ancient Astronauts manage to provide their own spin to the percussive and hypnotic sounds found within. Blessed San, dubbed a freestyle lunatic, uses his powerful and deep vocals to establish the rhythm that governs  ‘Do It To The Beat’, allowing the rest of the track to build around his style, rather than conform to any strict standard.

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