Dr. Dubenstein | "Conspiracy Theory"

UbuntuFM Reggae | Dr. Dubenstein | "Conspiracy Theory"
One of the most intriguing dub albums, ever

Dr. Dubenstein, a former employee of the legendary RAS Records Label from Washington DC gathered up some high-carat collaborators to join him in his submarine. Formidable musicians and singers from Steel Pulse, Dub Syndicate, Roots Radics, Jah Works, jam and conjure up heavily rolling rhythms - and rumor has it that even WAILERS warhorses were involved in the project to add some melody.

It is indeed a very complete album with one overarching theme; that of ‘conspiracies’. You know, the stories that get debunked in mainstream media as outrageous and crazy, met by incredulous stares of the uninitiated, whilst remaining very persistent. Maybe because they bear witness to events that are otherwise are hard to prove. Who knows? Jah knows…

16 tracks plus one intro. 16 conspiracy theories make their case with all the rhetoric that goes with them. Some are tongue in cheek in their delivery, yet all feature real authentic Dub Reggae. Which makes us wonder. How could the theories be fake if the music is so real?

Dr. Dubenstein has produced a gem, one of the most intriguing albums of this year so far.

Another thing we'd like to note is that ‘Conspiracy Theory’ has another attribute upon its sleeve. It is a true-to-form concept album.

A what? Concept? It is an official release! No, you dummy!

A concept album used to be a novelty back in the day. A specific art form, a way of storytelling that we hardly ever encounter in these days of mass production and consumption.

One picks a theme and creates music and lyrics that are all interconnected, all geared towards this one central message or thought the artist wants to convey. Dr. Dubenstein has managed to do just that: the message that Dub is alive and kicking!

Not just a soundscape to plaster music halls with but one with actual content and context. Didn’t Dub emerge as a ’version’? the B-side of what used to be Roots Reggae 7” or 12” vinyl? But we digress. Make up your own mind, think of ‘Conspiracy Theory’ whatever you like to think, but we’re LOVING it!!

Dr. Dubenstein’s ‘Conspiracy Theory’ was released on April 23, 2017, in a limited edition of 777 copies on Echo Beach (EB123). 

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