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It's all in the frequencies

UbuntuFM's Ikenna Okeh interviewed Allan Agard from The Conscious Underground. TCU's track 'Dirty Politician' is in heavy rotation on UbuntuFM Reggae Radio and the band is about to release a new single. Get ready for some conscious words of wisdom and positive vibrations. It's all in the frequencies...

Ikenna: It's nice getting in touch with you, Allan. Please tell us about your band, The Conscious Underground.

Allan: I give thanks for the opportunity to reason with you. Well, the underground was formed back in 2012. We started it as an answer to what we were not hearing on the radio. Consciousness and truth were lacking, so we saw that as a path forward and knowing that we would be rejected or have to struggle to get the works out to the public.  

All music is related and comes from the same divine source

Ikenna: I grew up listening to Reggae music from Lucky Dube, Majek Fashek, Raskimono and Bob Marley. Then, I believed the genre to be the exclusive preserve of Africans and Jamaicans until it came to my notice that Europeans even are players in the genre. So, tell us about Reggae music in Canada.

Allan: All music is related and comes from the same divine source. If you are vibrating with GOD’s consciousness, the song would reflect that. If you’re vibrating on a lower level, the song would reflect that too. Reggae music in Canada is still on the woman, party and nice time thing, but reality is changing how people perceive our music. When we don’t take life seriously, it comes out that way and people get lead astray. There is too much evil in the world. As servants of the most high we have a job to counter that negative force.    

Ikenna: Reggae has always been known as a musical medium for conveying strong messages with social relevance. Has it been as potent in Canada as in, say, Jamaica and Africa?

Allan: Yes my friend, Reggae is GOD’s music. But if the people who this gift was given don’t use it for GOD’s divine purpose, then it will be replaced or given to some other people to do that work. It’s all about growth, elevation and liberation. You either stand for something or you’ll fall for anything.

Ikenna: There is a school of thought holding to the belief that Reggae isn't what it used to be. It holds that we currently have something watered down. What is your take on this?

Allan: When you say Reggae, most people gravitate to Marley, dreadlocks and herb, but Reggae will change with the time and the need of the people. So, yes when the people fall away from the works of GOD that will be reflected in their spiritual vibrations.   

Today Rasta colours run the world

Ikenna: In your opinion, what does the future portend for Reggae, especially in Canada?

Allan: Ha, ha, ha. Today Rasta colors run the world brother. Most people see but they have no clue it’s there. Check this, no vehicles anywhere around the world will move without red, green, and gold lights telling them when to move, feel me? So the future of our form of reggae music will grow and grow until this work is over. 

Ikenna: About one of your tracks, 'Dirty Politician'; we listened to it and we believed it to be an honest song with such relevance that pays no regard to borders and tongues. What motivated that particular song?

Allan: The song was written in 2012 after the Obama and Romney debate. We knew then the song had a life of its own but was too strong for us to release at that time. So we put in the vault until Trump came along. We didn’t change anything; it’s all the original lyrics from 2012. Its relevance in today’s world is the work of the almighty, nothing to do with me or the underground. We are just the channel used to broadcast the truth. We will continue to this work because there is a need for it.     

Ikenna: Back to The Conscious Underground. What's in the works?

Allan: We have a lot in the works… We have 70+ songs in the vault, so we have a lot to draw from as situations change and evolve. We have a new track coming in early September called “The Way of The World”. We feel it’s an adequate follow up to 'Dirty Politician'. It’s rooted in reggae with a funk, and jazz sprinkling.

All things happen for the greater glory of GOD

Ikenna: So far, what has been the most glorious moment for your band? And of course, the most disappointing one?

Allan: You know, the most glorious moment was having Lee Perry like the song Dirty Politician. We don’t believe in disappointments as such because all things happen for the greater glory of GOD. So we see things for what they are not what we would like them to be. 

Ikenna: In a decade from today, what are we to expect from The Conscious Underground? Perhaps new frontiers, global awareness, foreign collaborations...?

Allan: From my perspective, we don’t look that far ahead. We do the right things today and let tomorrow take care of the rest. We are open to doing any kind of positive works whether a collaboration or a reggae various of something, it’s all good.   

Ikenna: Before we wrap up, do you have a word or two for your fans?

Allan: Well, if the people dig what we are trying to say and do, then I say to them welcome to the conscious underground as our music is a reflection of them and their spiritual growth.

Ikenna: It's been a pleasant one with you, Allan. We at UbuntuFM send our best wishes to the rest of the band. We hope to get more from you in the nearest future. Thank you.

Allan: Beautiful, let JAH bless and keep the UbuntuFM family strong and diligent. Blessings and peace be with you all. Give thanks every day! 

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