Reggaddiction | 'A Man A Needs a Maid'

The highly anticipated debut single 'A Man Needs a Maid' featuring singer Jimmy Reid is here. ‘A Man A Needs a Maid’ is the first single released of the upcoming album, ‘Ganja Harvest’ from Reggaddiction.

‘A Man Needs a Maid’ from the upcoming “Ganja Harvest” album re-interprets Neil Young's folk-driven song. This reggae/dub single invokes a traditional bass, guitar, and drum reggae riddim while providing a rich and familiar organ bubble and piano chop known to all reggae lovers.

When asked about how the Neil Young reggae concept album got started, Producer Mr. Ozmosis explains, “We first wanted to find a collection of great songs from one album that was interesting, compelling and considered to be an all-time great Canadian album.

As a Canadian icon, Neil Young seemed very fitting. The Harvest album also provided a very organic and free-flowing composition, making it very conducive to a reggae interpretation. The laid-back vibe of Neil’s original Harvest album, also made it perfect for adding a dub element”.

The upcoming album pays tribute to the Canadian legend Neil Young’s Harvest Album. Harvest is reinterpreted in a reggae dub version, mixed by 7x Juno winner and nominee producer/dub composer Dubmatix.

The reggae tribute album ‘Ganja Harvest’ includes performances by the co-founder/lead singer Fergus Hambleton of the 2x Juno winning band the Sattalites, 3x Juno nominee Ammoye, Lord SassaFras, Hemina George, Trish, Kerian Piper, David Matthews, Lilly Mason, Ginuwine Affection, Trudy Lee Gayle and the 5x Canadian Reggae Music Award and Juno nominee Jimmy Reid. 

Jimmy Reid started his singing career back in the late sixties. Singing with such top names as The Beltones, Cables, Jimmy London and Eric Donaldson. In 1974 he released his first single, "Time Will Tell". The following year He migrated to Canada and went on to release "Rest Your Love on Me" which went number one on Toronto reggae charts. His first album "Are you Ready" was released in 1984. In 1995 Jimmy Reid won the Award of Merit at the Canadian Reggae Music Award. Jimmy Reid was the Winner of the Canadian Reggae Music Awards for Album of the year 2000. 

Jimmy’s single release "Secret Emotions", was nominated in the Reggae category for the Juno Awards in 2001.

Jimmy has worked with lots of big reggae acts in Canada, and international artist such as Chalice, Lt. Stitchie, Gregory Isaacs, Lloyd Parks, Fab Five, Dennis Brown, Beres Hammond and many others. Today, with five Canadian reggae music awards, four albums and several singles Jimmy has added ‘A Man Needs a Maid’ to his growing repertoire.

A MAN NEEDS A MAID | Personnel

Vocals – Jimmy Reid
Backing Vocals – Trish
Drums – Oz
Keyboards/Organ – Sam Weller
Bass – Snappy Homefry
Percussion – Sunray Grennan
Claves – Kevin Howe
Guitar – Johnny Varcoe
Cello – Kyra Crilly
Produced by Mr. Ozmosis
Arranged/Composed by – Sam Weller
Mixed and Mastered by - Dubmatix
Recorded at Slamm Studios – Toronto, ON


My life is changing in so many ways
I don't know who to trust anymore
There's a shadow running through my days
Like a beggar going from door to door.

I was thinking that maybe I'd get a maid
Find a place nearby for her to stay.
Just someone to keep my house clean,
Fix my meals and go away.

A maid.
A man needs a maid.
A maid.

It's hard to make that change
When life and love turn strange
And cold.

To give a love, you gotta live a love.
To live a love, you gotta be part of.

When will I see you again?

A while ago somewhere, I don't know when
I was watching a movie with a friend.
I fell in love with the actress.
She was playing a part that I could understand.

A maid.
A man needs a maid.
A maid.
A man needs a maid.

When will I see you again?
When will I see you again?

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