ZOOLOOK - We Come in Peace (And Love)

ZOOLOOK - We Come in Peace (And Love)
Space Dub Rebels

ZOOLOOK - We Come in Peace (And Love) is part of an imaginative and captivating creative universe crafted by ZOOLOOK. Within this unique realm, a fascinating storyline unfolds as the main characters embark on a cosmic adventure as space astronauts known as Soul Rebels. 

The Soul Rebels journey takes them to the enchanting planet STONEFRENGE, where they encounter its intriguing inhabitants. Prepare to be transported into an awe-inspiring universe that combines artistry, storytelling, and intergalactic exploration.

STONEFRENGE: Black in Space is a sci-fi series and universe of the multidisciplinary artist and musician ZOOLOOK, combining music, lyrics, film, and animations to create an immersive storytelling experience.

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